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Ramon Robertson has been working as an artist in Auckland, New Zealand since arriving there in October 2011. Prior to this he lived and worked in Glasgow, Scotland where he also worked as an artist, designer and tertiary lecturer.


In 1992 Ramon graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art Sculpture and In 1997 he completed a MA in Interior Design at Manchester Metropolitan University for which he undertook sculpture and installation projects related to interiors and architecture.


His artwork engages with aspects of architecture and urbanisation. Mass production and standardization of objects is also a focus with an observation on the effect of our visual perception of objects and environment. Themes linking to human condition and behaviour in the city are also concepts explored in his work.


Ramon's art ranges from 2D and 3D work, including installations, sculpture, furniture and products. Other, more transient elements such as film and lighting are often incorporated into the work. He has recently been working on a series of projects titled ‘the weathermen’ and continuing a long term project investigating aspects of the urban environment.


Other projects which have informed Ramon's work are a five year collaboration with artists, designers and architects under the name of 'Transit' in Manchester, UK and an on going project called 'vollov'. Vollov is an experimental project investigating aspects of the built environment and our visual and physical interactions in the city.


Ramon's projects have led to delivering talks about his work in galleries in Auckland and Waiheke, as well as, collaborations, curatorial assignments and lectures.


Vollov Project: (this website is no longer active)


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